We combine ENERGY with ECOLOGY

SKORUT SOLAR SYSTEMS Company is one of the leaders among the Polish producers of the devices using renewable energy sources - slim solar and photovolaic panels. Having 18+ years experience in this field, it is a pioneer in designing and realisation of technologies devoted to protection of the enviroment. Producing highly effective and economic slim panels, SKORUT SOLAR SYSTEMS Company has already implemented the installation of more than 53,000m² of solar panels for both induvidual and institutional customers. Ensuring high level of safety in exploitation as well as maximum effciency of the products, SKORUT SOLAR SYSTEMS Company has conducted the greatest and most complex solar investment in Europe installing 3,500 panels

solar house

One of the strategic aims of the company is to increase the contribution of energy from the renewable sources.

Solar Panels - they allow to convert the energy of solar radiation from the sun into heat. The ones produced by SKORUT SOLAR SYSTEMS Company characterize in meandric flow of the heating factor, which asserts complete use of the absorber.

Photovoltaics is a method which concerns converting the Sun light into electrical energy producing direct current electricity from solar radiation using photovoltaic phenomenon. At present it is found useful due to three major reasons:

Ecological(everywhere, where ecology has high significance)

Practical(solar radiation is practically available almost everywhere)

In places where acquiring electrical power(eg. motorways, meteorological stations)

TWIN – heating energy and electricity
The heating medium flowing through the TWIN is heated, then thermal energy is
passed through the heating coil to the tank. Direct current produced by the PV
cells is converted to alternating current by the DC / AC inverter and supplies
electrical power to selected receivers or is directly fed into the power grid.

By using TWIN type collectors we can obtain both electrical and heating power
from the sun. The heating medium flowing through the TWIN collector cools
down photovoltaic cells thus increasing their performance. The heat receiver in
TWIN-based systems should be an object with the lowest possible operating
temperature. For example: lower heating coil of the DHW tank, the ground
source in heat pump installations, process water, etc