We cooperate with the best manufacturers of PV panels. We assist in the selection of PV systems and equipment adapted to customer and future user needs. We take into consideration all factors: geographical, logistical, local.

Photovoltaic kits for both business and individual clients. Adapting land for the investment. Insolation level expertise at the place of plant foundation.


The efficiency of energy conversion is the same, regardless of the scale of production. The energy is produced even on cloudy days using diffused light. Operation and maintenance requires minimal expenses. During the production of electricity no harmful gases are
produced. No fuel is needed. Life expectancy of 20-30 years. There are no moving parts.

Preformance warranty

Workmanship warranty according to country,

At least 96% of nominal power during first year. Thereafter max 0.5% degradation per year.

At Least 92% on nominal power after 10 years.At least 83% of nominal power after 25 years.